How Much Does the Lieutenant Governor of California Make?

California's affordable housing crisis has only worsened during the pandemic, with average home prices becoming increasingly out of reach for many families. The Lieutenant Governor of California is an elected constitutional official, the second ranking official of the executive branch, and the first person in line to succeed the governor. They are a member of the California State Land Commission and alternate years as president with the Comptroller of the State of California. They are also a member of the California Ocean Protection Council and a non-voting member of the California Coastal Commission.

The University of California is facing a student housing crisis while it is under intense pressure to increase student numbers in the state. I also support the Governor's efforts to hold cities and counties accountable to the Housing Element Act. The state of California is looking for a second in command of the governor who doesn't mind light tasks and generally staying out of the way. Elected executive salaries are determined by the California Citizens' Compensation Commission, a seven-member board appointed by the governor for six-year terms.

I believe that local governments, such as cities and counties, are better equipped to understand the regional challenges presented by the California water crisis. California is trapped in a drought, with little sign that the emergency will improve soon or that voluntary measures will be sufficient.No Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, Secretary of State, or Treasurer may serve in the same position for more than 2 terms. The Lieutenant Governor is responsible for chairing the land commission and is also a member of both the California Ocean Protection Council and the California Coastal Commission.The Lieutenant Governor plays an important role in helping to address some of California's most pressing issues, from affordable housing to water shortages. It is essential that they are adequately compensated for their work in order to ensure that they can continue to serve their constituents effectively.

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