What Makes California So Special?

From its iconic landmarks to its unique culture, California is one of the most popular destinations in North America. Home to Hollywood, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Disneyland, California is a state like no other. But there's more to the Golden State than meets the eye. Coachella, Wine Country, Silicon Valley, and Surf Culture are just a few of the things that make California so special.

The Redwood National and State Parks are some of the most impressive forests in the world. These parks are home to 45% of the world's redwood trees, making them an important symbol of California's incredible diversity of ecosystems. Californians take pride in staying healthy and strong, and this is reflected in their daily routines. The state also has some of the most liberal abortion laws in the United States, as well as relaxed marijuana laws.

The culture in California is a unique blend of Native American, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, and Southeast Asian influences. Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz is just one example of the incredible beaches California has to offer. Outdoor sports such as snowboarding, wakeboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking, and mountain biking are also popular in the state. State Route 1 covers most of California's coastline and offers stunning views of the mountainous land that protrudes from the sea between the central and southern parts of the state.

Giant sequoias can only be found in California and are a sight to behold. The music scene in California is also legendary. The Doors, The Eagles, and Guns' n 'Roses all began their careers in California. San Francisco may be one of California's smallest cities but it has an incredibly vibrant population that contributes to its large economic size.

Californians are proud to be themselves and embrace their individuality without fear of judgement or ridicule. This attitude is reflected in their home decor which combines bohemian vibes with beach-loving and artistic elements. Mexican food has become a staple in the United States thanks to Californians who brought with them their knowledge of growing grapes and winemaking as well as their recipes for roast meat and menudo.California is best known for Los Angeles and San Francisco as well as its beautiful national and state parks. But there's so much more to discover about this amazing state.

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